Jonnie Irwin Spending Time with Family Despite Being 'Pretty Unwell' amid Terminal Cancer

The British TV presenter revealed last year that he has terminal lung cancer

<p>jonnieirwintv/Instagram</p> Jonnie Irwin with wife Jessica and their three children


Jonnie Irwin with wife Jessica and their three children

Jonnie Irwin is cherishing his family time as he continues to deal with the effects of cancer.

On Sunday, the British TV presenter, who revealed he had terminal lung cancer last year, posted a series of photos on Instagram spending time with his family after his health started to take a toll on him.

“Been pretty unwell this past week but felt better this morning so headed off to watch some Monster trucks,” Irwin, 49, captioned the post, which featured photos with his wife Jessica, 40, and their three children — Rex, 3, and 2-year-old twins, Rafa and Cormac.

“Kids loved it, got soaked in the rain, quick change when we got home to go again at a Christening party,” he continued. “Full on Sunday.”

In the comments section, Irwin received tons of praise for continuing to prioritize his family after his 2020 diagnosis.

“You should be proud of yourself. Everything you are going through and you still put your family first. Total respect,” one person wrote, while another commented, “Every day is a new day... Stay strong and enjoy all the lovely moments with your family ❤️”

Irwin, who hosts the real-estate show Escape to the Country, revealed his terminal diagnosis last November after his lung cancer spread to his brain.

Since the diagnosis, the TV star has made the point that “I am living with cancer rather than dying from cancer."

"I want to make those memories for Jess, even if the kids don't remember it," he told The Sun last year. "So if she looks at the photo album when I'm long gone she can say to the boys, 'Here's the time your dad chucked you in a pool' or, 'Here's the time we went for that day out.' "

He explained, "I want to make memories and capture these moments with my family because the reality is, my boys are going to grow up not knowing their dad and that breaks my heart."

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<p>jonnieirwintv/Instagram</p> Jonnie Irwin with wife Jessica and their three children


Jonnie Irwin with wife Jessica and their three children

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Back in July, Irwin appeared on BBC Morning Live and opened up about spending the past three years in palliative care. “I’m really good. I have up days and down days but today is very much an up day. The family is great and very noisy,” he said with a laugh.

Irwin explained that he’s been in palliative care since day one after learning about the cancer. Initially, his experience meant going through blood transfusions as a day patient. However, he said he was able to “embrace it” after being surprised with how well he was treated.

“It’s a delight, actually,” he admitted at the time. “My perception of the hospice was very much a boiling hot room full of people that looked frail and towards the end of their days. This is nothing of the sort. It’s spacious, energized, comfortable. I mean, it’s even got a jacuzzi bath, ensuite rooms, and the staff are just amazing. So I’ve had a really, really good experience at my hospice.”

Irwin also offered advice to those in the same situation as him or those with loved ones in similar situations, urging them to be open with the experience as he learned to do.

“First of all, embrace it. I was invited to use the hospice and I thought, well, I’ll give it a go just as a day patient,” he explained, sharing that the experience quickly shot down his grim expectations. “I implore people to check out hospice. If you’ve got the choice of using it, then use it. It’s not this doom and gloom operation that you might think it was.”

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