Josh O'Connor tired of ear jokes

Josh O'Connor will be grateful when his stint on 'The Crown' ends - so his friends stop mocking his big ears.

The 29-year-old actor portrays the young Prince Charles - whose own large lugs have been the subject of jokes over the years - in seasons three and four of the Netflix drama and is looking forward to the days when the regal series doesn't spark jibes from his friends any more.

He is quoted by the Mail on Sunday newspaper as saying: "I am glad to be coming to the end of my big ears jokes among my friends."

Josh recently admitted he spent "months" eating boiled eggs to prepare for his role as Charles.

He said: "I ate boiled eggs for months. I am eating quite a lot of them, because that's what Charles does. He eats a lot of boiled eggs."

Not only did the actor have to learn to ride a horse for the role, he also perfected Charles' unusual polo technique.

He explained: "Charles holds the reins in a different way.

"Most people have four reins here, then thumb on top. He puts the reins in between each finger. So I learnt that as well. I love that."

Josh struggled with some aspects of researching the role because the royal family are so polished in public, so he was delighted to catch the recent documentary 'Prince, Son and Heir: Charles At 70'.

He said: "There are a couple of moments when Camilla says something and he's not expecting it and you see a kind of banter or sometimes an annoyance, like, 'It's my time to be in the spotlight.'

"Moments like that are really brilliant. Something where you can go, 'Oh, that's the embarrassed Charles.' "