Josh O'Connor joined a band to land date with FKA Twigs

Josh O'Connor joined a band at school in a bid to get his classmate FKA Twigs to go out on a date with him.
'The Crown' star attended the same school as the musician – real name Tahliah Barnett – and acted alongside her in a production of 'Bugsy Malone', and has now revealed he had such a big crush on her he attempted to impress her by writing tough guy lyrics for his music group.
In an interview with GQ Hype, Josh explained: "I really shouldn’t be saying this, but it’s hilarious. I was in a band called Orange Output basically to try and get Twigs to go out with me. I was the lead singer, and one of the lyrics I wrote was ‘I’m addicted to crack, motherf*****.’ The closest thing I’d had to crack was Coco Pops.”
His attempt to land a date with her failed and Josh added: "I don’t think she knows who I am."
However, Twigs told the publication she was "flattered" by his attempt to woo her. She wrote in an email: "I’m very flattered that he tried to do that because I was definitely not cool and not particularly popular."
Elsewhere in the interview, Josh opened up about landing his breakthrough role as Charles, Prince of Wales in season three of hit Netflix drama 'The Crown' - insisting he went through a tough time after finding fame.
He added: "It was a f*****-up time. I found it so impactful, people stopping me. You want to be in stuff that’s successful and seen, but I think sometimes we underestimate how powerful even a slight loss of anonymity can be."
However, he felt happy seeing Charles being crowned King earlier this year. Josh said of the coronation: " “I felt really happy for [Charles] because it must feel like his whole life has led to that moment. I’m sure it’s the icing on the cake to put a really expensive hat on in a nice cathedral."
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