Judd Apatow insists he’s not ‘traumatised’ by seeing his daughter Maude in ‘Euphoria’

Judd Apatow insists he’s not “traumatised” by seeing his daughter Maude in ‘Euphoria’.
The 55-year-old ‘Knocked Up’ creator is used to turning out raunchy scripts, but it was thought he may be shocked by seeing his 25-year-old girl play high school girl Lexie Howard in HBO’s sex, drugs and violence-packed hit.
Yet Judd insisted while hosting the Directors Guild of America Awards in Beverly Hills, California, on Saturday (18.02.23) he loves to watch her on the show and isn’t uncomfortable over its X-rated content.
He told People at the event: “I can watch (Euphoria.) I love it. I’m not traumatized because I’ve read the scripts.”
Judd, who also has actress daughter Iris, 20, with his wife Leslie Mann, 50, added the biggest piece of advice he gave their kids was to “just do things that you’re passionate about”, so he didn’t want to put them off any work.
He added he told his girls: “‘Don’t do anything just to work. Do things that you really care about’.”
Judd also told Entertainment Tonight in March 2022 he was so “emotional” after watching Maude play aspiring playwright Lexie in ‘Euphoria’ he wept.
He added: “I’m just in a puddle. I’m just bawling and crying. You’re always happy when your kids are doing well and have a job.”
Judd has also spoken about how he wants to have grandkids despite his daughters being wrapped in work for the meantime.
He told ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ last October: “Maude is on Euphoria right now, which I’m happy about. You want your kids to surpass you, but not that fast.
“She’s like, ‘Dad, I can’t have kids, I play a 16-year-old on a high school show’, and I was, like, ‘Yeah, but I’ve seen that show, I don’t think it would be that weird’.”
Both Judd’s daughters have starred in his productions, with the pair featuring in films such as ‘Knocked Up’ and ‘This Is 40’.
He has admitted his directing technique involved filming them fighting for real, adding: “I remember once, Maude had a little doll in the car and she tossed it and hit Iris on her nose.
“And then Iris started crying and I was like, ‘Great, we’ll use that in the movie! That’s a real moment of hostility’.
“Years later, Iris saw it and she was like, ‘I can’t believe you used me really crying!’ So one might say – bad parenting.”