Judge blocks council bid to change name of boy called Mia

leeds court
A baby boy in care called Mia is to keep his name despite the council believing he will be 'teased'

A judge has refused to give social workers permission to change the name of a baby boy called Mia just because they feared he would be teased.

The council said Mia would "suffer significant emotional harm" by having a name usually given to girls.

However, the boy's mother wanted it to "remain undisturbed".

Speaking at the Family Division of the High Court in Leeds, Mr Justice Cobb said: "Non-traditional names are now common currency."

The court heard the child was in care and his father's family opposed the name because it was "unfair to give a boy a lady's name" and they wanted something more biblical.

However, Mia's mother said: "Tradition is not the same as it used to be and my son can be whoever or whatever he wants to be."

The council said it thought Mia, who is approaching his first birthday, would be "teased", but Judge Cobb did not agree its fears were justified.

He also said the boy could not be identified in media reports of the case and has not named the council involved.

Judge Cobb added: "Popular culture continues to influence parents' baby name choices year by year.

"There are many forenames in common currency now which would not have been thought of five or 10 or so years ago."

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