Judge Judy Sheindlin got remarried to second husband as she found ‘most men are alike’

Judge Judy Sheindlin got remarried to her second husband as she found “most men are alike” after their brief divorce.
The TV lawmaker, 81, made the remark in a rare comment about her 1990 split from her partner Jerry Sheindlin – which was followed by them getting hitched again in 1991.
She said on ‘Who’s Talking to Chris Wallace?’ when asked why she remarried Jerry a year after their split: “That’s a long story, but the end of the story is: I found that most men were alike.
“They have basic needs that are different from women’s. They like to be fed. They like to be cuddled.
“They like to have their alone time that you take out the alone box and leave (them) alone.
“And if you feed ’em and love ’em up a little bit and don’t get in their way too much, they’re happy.”
Judy also told how she still finds Jerry attractive, adding: “He takes wonderful care of himself. And I sort of like it, because he maintains that physique that I fell in love with 48 years ago.”
Judy went on to say the former New York Supreme Court trial judge, 90, still has a “sense of humour” and is “really smart and sharp”.
She said: “We’re together a lot. Jerry retired about 20 years ago, but he has his own thing.”
Judy was first married to prosecutor Ronald Levy from 1964 to 1976 and the couple had two children together – daughter Jamie Hartwright, 58, and 56-year-old son Adam Levy.
The Daytime Emmy winner then married Jerry in 1978 and became a stepmother to his three kids from a previous marriage – sons Gregory Sheindlin, 60, and Jonathan Sheindlin, 57, and his 56-year-old daughter Nicole Sheindlin.
But the couple divorced after 12 years of marriage in the wake of stress Judy endured after the death of her father Murray Blum.
Jerry said in Marlo Thomas and Phil Donahue’s 2020 book ‘What Makes a Marriage Last’ about the pain of their brief split: “I missed her presence the very first week that we were separated.
“It was the first time in years that we didn’t get to see each other every single day. It was such a strange experience.”