Julia Fox wants Elon Musk's phone number

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Julia Fox wants to discuss space travel with Elon Musk.
The 32-year-old actress is eager to get in touch with the billionaire businessman, and discuss her ideas about "sustainability" and her ambitions to go into space.
Asked whose phone number would she most like to have, Julia replied: "Elon Musk. I have a lot of ideas."
The movie star subsequently expanded on her ambition, saying she wants to explore how "techy things" can benefit the wider world.
Julia - who dated Kanye West earlier this year - told The Face: "Well, I can’t give them away … But a lot of ideas in terms of sustainability and, you know, tech things. Techy things that could be good for the world. And also sustainable avenues in terms of fashion and living and stuff like that - chic, making it chic."
The tycoon is the chief engineer at SpaceX, a space manufacturer based in California, and Julia would love to chat to him about her own space ambitions.
She said: "I would love to go into outer space. That’s another thing I want to talk to Elon about."
Meanwhile, Julia is well-known for her eye-catching fashion choices - but the 'Uncut Gems' star has dismissed comparisons between herself and Lady Gaga.
Julia - who was born in Milan, Italy, before moving to New York as a child - explained: "People love to compare. It’s like, dude, leave us the f*** alone!
"I love Lady Gaga and, obviously, even being compared to her is a huge compliment. But it’s still annoying to be compared to people all the time, in general. I’m so different from anyone else and Lady Gaga is so different from anyone else.
"But what we do have in common is that we’re both bad*** Italian girls from Manhattan who aren’t afraid to be themselves."

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