Julie Bowen: Wells Adams got my blessing to propose to Sarah Hyland

Julie Bowen says Wells Adams asked for her blessing before he proposed to her on-screen daughter Sarah Hyland.

The 49-year-old actress plays Claire Dunphy, the mother of Sarah's character Haley, in the ABC sitcom 'Modern Family', and has revealed Sarah's fiancé Wells approached her to ask for her permission before he popped the question back in July 2019.

When asked during an Instagram video for The Skimm if she had met Wells, Julie said: "Wells asked me my permission to marry [Sarah]."

Traditionally, a man will ask the father of his partner for his blessing before getting down on one knee.

Meanwhile, Julie previously heaped praise on the happy couple when she said the 'Bachelor in Paradise' star and the 29-year-old actress were "very sweet" together, just a few months after they started dating in 2017.

At the time, Julie hadn't met Wells but said: "[Sarah] just showed me pictures and the original sort of flirty texts that were very sweet. And there was nothing naked about them so ... I'm a little old fashioned and I liked that. I was like, 'Ooh I like this.' Because sometimes these days when somebody shows you their phone you're like, 'Ahhh!' ... This was just normal and cute, and I liked it."

Wells, 35, asked Sarah to marry him over the summer last year when they were on vacation in Fiji, and the couple later celebrated their engagement with a party.

Addressing the guests at her bash, Sarah said: "You are all obviously here today because you have such a special place in our heart and we all love you very much."

Whilst Wells jokingly added: "Well, we paid for all of this so drink up, I guess. Thanks for coming guys."

And although they haven't made any announcements about their wedding, Sarah said she began planning her big day the second Wells proposed.

She said: "Where we were staying [in Fiji] didn't have a lot of Wi-Fi, so later that night I started having a panic attack like, 'I need Pinterest to look at wedding stuff!' Wells was like, 'I thought you wanted a long engagement!' I was like, 'I do, I just need to look at wedding stuff. I don't know who I've turned into!' "