'And Just Like That...' Costume Designers Confirm That Carrie Bradshaw Does in Fact Own Sneakers (Exclusive)

Molly Rogers and Danny Santiago also curated an eBay store inspired by the show so you can dress just like the iconic sex columnist

Carrie Bradshaw's (Sarah Jessica Parker) wardrobe is jam-packed with the latest in must-have designer duds, luxury It bags and more Manolo Blahniks than one person could possibly wear in a lifetime — all of which cost more than most viewers' annual salary. But the costume designers behind And Just Like That..., Molly Rogers and Danny Santiago, teamed up with eBay to curate a collection of highly coveted items inspired by the show so that now everyone can get the Carrie look, even on a real-life sex columnist's budget.

Santiago says that when it came to curating this shop for eBay, they wanted to pull items "that represent looks from all the girls that we have on our show...I think it's very identifiable when you go through. You'll be like, 'Oh, that's a Carrie, that's a Charlotte, that's a Miranda, that's a Seema, that's an LTW.' It's been a lot of fun putting it together."



Rogers adds that they also chose "sophisticated pieces" they felt more broadly represented the types of characters you might find in different boroughs of New York City, but with "a little bit of a twist."

"We always try to heighten it," she says. "When we were looking [for items for the eBay store], there was so much to choose from that we tried to give it all a little side wink, and that is truly something that both Danny and I believe in. You should have fun when you're dressing yourself."

Santiago says that they also "really love to give people a very individual style," adding, "That's part of our way of styling. It's not just ever going to be one label head to toe. It's going to be a mix of vintage, it's going to be a mix of high and low. Nobody really wants to look like a carbon copy. I feel like you have so much more fun when you're doing something that's coming from you and your personality as far as how you like to dress and feel."



And shoppers certainly won't feel like a carbon copy wearing any of the items the two costume designers selected for their shop, like a sheer Paco Rabanne chainmail skirt covered in mirrored stars (that has already sold!), which Rogers says is tailor-made for a "downtown girl having drinks somewhere fabulous. You're definitely looking to make an impact in that."

Or, if you're looking for something a little more formal, there's a vibrant red Valentino gown delicately trimmed in ostrich feathers from the brand's Fall 2001 collection that Rogers explains is "definitely an uptown situation. That's another showstopper. When you're in red and you come through the door, it's a moment."

Santiago seconds, "You're commanding attention."

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Curating this collection of vintage goods also came naturally to the two costume designers, as eBay has been their secret weapon for decades now, helping them find super specific and rare items that have appeared on both And Just Like That..., as well as Sex and the City.

"I've had this account since 1999 and, literally, it's always my go-to, especially for the show," Santiago explains. "We love the girls to have something original that nobody else can have, rare designer and vintage finds. It's just been a great resource for us."



It's also great for when they need something on set in a hurry. "eBay is such an easy place to do a search like that because you can search price point, you can go from vintage to luxury," Rogers says. "I think it's a really easy place to look for something, especially if you're in a fitting on a job. It is a stylist's secret weapon, because [you can be] in a fitting and you don't have the right color belt and you click on eBay and right in front of you, instead of going from store to store physically, there are 45,000 red belts."

Plus, she continues, "I'm not a luxury specialist, but I don't worry about that when we are in a fitting because they have a guarantee on eBay. So if I do find some gorgeous Valentino bag, I know it's guaranteed to be authentic."



That authenticity is a must, considering Carrie has always had a taste for the finer — and more impractical — things in life, including a 4-inch stiletto. But Rogers and Santiago assure viewers that while the former Mrs. Big may live in a super-high heel, she does, in fact, own a pair of sneakers.

While they haven't yet had a chance to showcase her in a set of trainers over the last two seasons of And Just Like That..., Rogers says it's possible. She recalls "being wild" for "Nike split-toe sneakers in the '90s, the Tabi ones," adding, "I remember Carrie had a pair of those."

Besides, she says, "Doesn't everybody in the world own a sneaker?" Although, to be fair, Carrie isn't exactly everybody.

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In a way, the pair's love for putting Carrie in an unusual piece of footwear also makes them the inventors of TikTok's current "Wrong Shoe Theory." The concept comes from a TikTok posted by stylist Allison Bornstein a year ago where she explains that when choosing a shoe for an outfit, going with one that would traditionally be considered the "wrong" one can actually makes the outfit much more interesting. Thus, the wrong shoe is actually the right one.

Rogers says that's a tactic they've definitely taken in their own work, and they often extend it to their combinations in clothing as well. She explains that in fittings they'll often try one shoe on one foot and a different one on the other, and "there's a feeling in the room with the actor and us, and we're like, 'There it is. That's it.' It's like trying on jeans. It's like a vibe, really."

Santiago agrees, adding that style rules are made to be broken. "I think that's what makes it fashionable," he says. "I think it's much more exciting when you can break it and give it a twist, something that's a little more unexpected than just wearing something head to toe."

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