We just found an incred high street dupe of Kendall Jenner's designer coat

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Photo credit: Gotham
Photo credit: Gotham

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If you haven't seen or heard of Saks Pott's Foxy coat, a '70s-inspired belted number with fluffy collars and cuffs, we reckon you probably live under a rock somewhere. This is the most-sighted outerwear of the past three years and it feels like literally every famous woman owns one.

We're not joking, we can't even count on our hands how many celebs have been spotted in this designer number. Obvs we're gonna try, so here it goes: Lady Gaga (she's got two), Gwyneth Paltrow, Jessica Simpson (that iconic Legally Blonde moment 😍), Bella Hadid, Cardi B (she's got the lilac and green), Katy Perry, Kylie Jenner, Kendall Jenner, Suki Waterhouse, Madison Beer, Alexa Chung, Slick Woods and Stassie Baby.

There's just one down side to this gorge coat: it's made with real fur (sad face). Oh wait, and a second, it's spenny AF! They start at around £1,335 and go up to £1,595, depending on what design you go for.

Before you scoff at that price and close one of your many Cosmo tabs, hear us out. We've found an incredible dupe on the high street that costs a tenth of the price.

Yup, & Other Stories dropped the best Saks Potts lookalike we've ever seen today - and it costs just £135. It's got the same retro shape, the same shawl lapels and fluffy trims, and a similar waist-cinching belt (just sans buckle).

The cherry on top for us, though, is the fact this coat has faux rather than genuine fur trims. So, not only would you be saving yourself serious cash by opting for the dupe, you'd also be going for the cruelty-free option.

If you would prefer the OG, though, we implore you to go for the newer versions made from responsibly-sourced leather and trimmed with shearling instead of fox fur.

We'll be sticking with the lookalike though, cuz we're officially in love. We started writing this story as soon as we saw this coat drop into & Other Stories new-in section because we know it will not be hanging around. Honestly, we doubt there'll be full stock by the end of the day – we cannot stress the cult status of the Saks Pott Foxy enough.

You know what to do people...

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