“Just Friends” stars Ryan Reynolds and Amy Smart reunite for gin commercial

Celebrate Friendsgiving with Chris Brander and Jamie Palamino… not to mention that trusty bottle of Aviation American Gin.

What happens when you finally let a guy out of the friend zone? If you're not careful, years later you might end up doing a commercial for his trademark brand of gin.

With the holiday season upon us, Just Friends stars Ryan Reynolds and Amy Smart marked the 18th anniversary of their holiday rom-com with… well, a commercial for Reynolds' Aviation American Gin.

The video starts off with Reynolds and Smart seemingly reprising their roles as Chris Brander and bar owner Jamie Palamino from Just Friends. As Jamie, Smart walks into their home (decorated with all kinds of Christmas trappings) and says her day at work was "not great," because the bar ran out of Aviation American Gin. But they keep doing more takes, with Smart wondering why Reynolds would swear so loudly in reaction to the news.

<p>Everett Collection</p> Amy Smart and Ryan Reynolds in 'Just Friends'

Everett Collection

Amy Smart and Ryan Reynolds in 'Just Friends'

"Well, it's been 18 years, maybe the characters have changed," Reynolds says.

But Smart has other questions too.

"Why would I be carrying this [bottle] if we ran out?" Smart asks.

Just to make clear that it's all in good fun, the video ends with a round of applause for Smart after she wraps her filming. Those fans who have waited 18 years for an actual sequel to Just Friends will have to keep waiting, but they can at least can enjoy some goofs and spoofs between the stars in the meantime.

Watch Smart and Reynolds in the ad above.

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