Justin Bieber thinks there's 'power in weakness'

Justin Bieber thinks there's "power in your weakness".

The 26-year-old singer - who has gone through a series of legal and personal issues over the last decade - is keen to stress to his young fans the importance of being open and honest about their fears.

Speaking to fellow pop star Demi Lovato on 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show', Justin explained: "I think the more mature you become, the more you understand that there's power in your weakness.

"When you're able to show that, it gives other people the confidence to say, you know what I'm going through similar things myself. It might not be the exact same thing, but I'm going through something too and I've been hiding it.

"So just having the confidence and being able to instil that confidence in young people that it's OK to have problems, you don't have to hide that."

Demi, 27 - who suffered a drug overdose in 2018 - also thanked Justin for helping her to overcome her recent troubles.

She told him: "When I struggled last year, I know I looked at you as an inspiration because you've been through this and you've come out of the other side and I really just admire the man that you are today."

Meanwhile, Justin has found talking about his own substance abuse issues to be "cathartic".

The chart-topping singer opened up about his battle with drug addiction during his YouTube Originals series 'Justin Bieber: Seasons'.

Michael Ratner, the documentary's director, said: "I think the conversations about the more difficult times in his life were cathartic.

"At one point, he thought the cameras were off and he goes, 'You know, this feels so good. I didn't think I was mature enough to share,' and I said, 'Have you talked about this?' and he said, 'No, not really. I just wasn't there yet.'"