Kaley Cuoco 'can't wait' to move in with Karl Cook

Kaley Cuoco "can't wait" to finally move in with her husband Karl Cook.

The 'Big Bang Theory' star tied the knot with Karl almost two years ago in 2018, and after recently revealing they're finally ready to live under the same roof, she has now said she's "excited" to just "open the door" to their newly built home.

She said: "[I] haven't lived in it yet so when I get home that'll be the first time that I'm in it. We're so excited. Neither of us have spent one night in the house. We haven't been there. It looks ready to go. I can't wait to open the door. We are really excited about that."

Kaley is planning to move into the house - which has been built as their Los Angeles dream home - once she's finished filming her new series 'The Flight Attendant', and says she's looking forward to having "a little staycation" in her own home.

She added: "I kind of want to have a little staycation. I'm really excited to have the space for - [to settle]. I've never done that. We've been together for almost four and a half years [and] we've never done that."

And the 34-year-old actress isn't scared to enter the next chapter of her life with Karl, as she believes they're "totally ready".

Speaking to Us Weekly magazine, she gushed: "I'm actually excited. We're totally ready, you know. We do both travel a lot, which I think is very healthy. Our time at home is minimal, which makes us super appreciate it."

Meanwhile, Kaley recently confirmed her home is ready and waiting for her to move in, and said Karl hasn't been staying at the new pad without her because he wants to wait for the '8 Simple Rules' actress.

She said: "We are built, we are so excited. We haven't spent an evening in it yet. Actually Karl has been at home and I said, 'Why don't you stay at the house?' but he's waiting for me to get there and have all the animals there. When I wrap in April, that will be our first time in our new house. We are going steady. He gave me his letterman jacket and we are moving in together."