Kaley Cuoco's wedding almost ruined by a horse

Kaley Cuoco's wedding was nearly ruined by a horse.

The 'Big Bang Theory' star is a huge animal lover and wanted them to feature in her wedding to Karl Cook as much as possible but her pet horse Smooshy nearly wrecked the big day after suffering from stage fright.

She told The Talk: "Everything was fantastic. We had one hilarious hiccup. We have a lot of animals, so I wanted all of them to walk down the aisle. They all walked down the aisle, and Smooshy was the last one to walk down the aisle before me. We had rehearsed with her the day before ... and she walked right up [to the altar] ... and it was like, 'Oh my gosh, she owned it!' So then on the actual wedding day, we ended up putting a little sign around her neck that said, 'Here comes the bride,' and in her defence, she did not rehearse with this ...

"Then I'm like, 'What's going on?' because I can't really see, and it's become, like, this hush around the crowd because she [Smooshy] just stood there at the top of the aisle. But everyone had their cameras up and it ended up being one of the cutest moments of the day. Eventually she scooted on, but she really took her time with that!"

The couple's wedding planner previously revealed the nuptials were "uniquely" based around the couple's animals.

Lauren Tatum said: "The whole [wedding] was unique and unusual, including their horseshoe altar. That was Karl's ranch. The horseshoe altar was 10 feet tall by 8 feet wide. They love their animals. The two things that were most important to Kaley were that everyone could feel the love between her and Karl, and their love for their animals. That is what they cared about - the animals and each other - and that is what they wanted relayed to the guests; that those are what is most important in both of their lives forever and always."