Kano says fame made him feel 'isolated'

Kano has found fame to be isolating.

The 'Top Boy' star - who was born in East London - has admitted he sometimes finds it difficult to relate to other people because of his celebrity status.

In an interview with ES Magazine, Kano said: "I had people that were there for me, but there's not much help you can get because you don't really know anyone that's experienced the same thing.

"It's a tough one, it really feels at times that your just out here on your own ... really out here on your own."

However, the 34-year-old grime artist has become "less embarrassed" to discuss his feelings with other people as his career has progressed.

Kano explained: "As I've got on, I've become less embarrassed to speak to people because the moment you do - and I would like young artists to hear this - the moment you do speak to someone, or a peer, you realise that it's not just you with these problems."

The rapper also feels it was "weird" to go from humble beginnings in East London to stardom.

Kano said: "It's a weird world to navigate. That could be friends switching up on you, or moving out (of) the ends (but) not wanting to be labelled as 'moving out the ends'.

"Or that could be 'money came in, I spent it and then a tax bill comes in.'"

Kano plays Sully in the Netflix series 'Top Boy', which was revived by the streaming service after Drake expressed an interest in the project.

Sully was awaiting his release from prison in the last series and Kano feels it was "hard" to play a character with such depth.

He explained: "It was scary, to be able to play a character with that much depth was hard ... But I needed that, it's what an actor dreams of."