Kanye West sued for 7m

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Kanye West is being sued for $7 million.
The 45-year-old artist has been hit with a lawsuit by Phantom Labs - who worked on multiple projects with Kanye from June 2021 to March 2022 - and the production company claims Kanye promised payment but never delivered.
Phantom Labs worked with Kanye on four weeks of his Sunday Service, a listening event for his album 'Donda 2', the Free Larry Hoover concert with Drake in Los Angeles, and preparation for his axed 2022 Coachella performance.
TMZ reports that by February 2022, Kanye had racked up $6 million in expenses with the company and Phantom Labs were hit with a further $1.1 million bill after he pulled out of his planned Coachella performance, two weeks before the festival.
The company's attorney Howard King said that Kanye and his team initially started making payments but soon stopped and the fees piled up.
The rapper had originally planned to use the reported $9 million he was set to make from Coachella to pay the company but after he pulled out of the festival, that plan was abandoned.
This comes after it was revealed that Kanye is being sued by fashion archivist David Casavant for not returning 13 out of 49 pieces of clothing he rented in March 2020.
Kanye is being hit with a bill for $221,000 in unpaid rental fees and $195,000 to replace the missing 13 "rare, esteemed pieces".

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