Kardashians throw staff party

Kim Kardashian West and her famous family threw a Christmas party for their staff on Tuesday (17.12.19).

The 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' star and her famous family including Kylie Jenner and Kris Jenner and her boyfriend Corey Gamble were seen arriving at Nobu, Malibu for the annual party.

Every year, the Kardashians and Jenners hold a party for their staff to mark the festive season and sparkle seemed the order this year as all the Kardashian / Jenner women wore glittery numbers.

And it is likely there were a lot of mouths to feed as a source recently claimed Kim's childcare bill alone is over $1 million a year.

The insider shared: "Right now, what's costing them the highest by far though are the nannies. They have teams of staff on call 24/7, and when they're away they take a nanny with them to help out if they're too busy. Plus there's the army of assistants, along with personal trainers, chefs and stylists. It costs them anything from $50-100k in monthly bills ... Kim has help, but is very hands on too. She and Kanye have both been up at night with the baby. He is still small and on a strict feeding schedule. They have to wake him up to feed him. She knows they all need special, quality time with her. Kim hasn't been working at all and is only focusing on her family right now ... [Kim] has a bit of a lighter schedule right now so she can bond with her baby. She seems very happy. And Kanye loves the energy of having a newborn. A new baby to love and get to know is so special for the whole family."

And as well as Kim's big spends, Kylie also drops a staggering $400,000 a month on security, according to her father Caitlyn Jenner.