Kat is kidnapped by Novak after Robbo is tricked

Daniel Kilkelly
Photo credit: Channel 5

From Digital Spy

Robbo and Kat are still fighting over the trial, with Robbo fearing that Kat will get killed. When he checks the security cameras he's installed at Kat's apartment, they are offline. This troubles Robbo and he runs over to find that everything is alright.

Later, Robbo tells Kat that Alf has some work for him, but he is hesitant to leave her. She tells him everything will be fine, but as Robbo leaves, he walks past Novak who is watching Kat's apartment from outside.

When Robbo meets up with Alf, he discovers that Alf wasn't the one who sent the message about the job. Robbo is concerned. He checks his security cameras again and races back after noticing a glitch.

At Kat's apartment, Novak enters with a gun and grabs her. Robbo arrives just as Novak drives off with Kat.

Meanwhile, Axel seems intent on driving a wedge in between Olivia and Hunter, who goes on a bender with VJ.

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