Kate's Wedding & Jack as an Old Man! This Is Us Cast & Fans React to Heartwarming Season 2 Finale

Karen Mizoguchi

From finally being able to see Milo Ventimiglia and Chrissy Metz in a scene together to the wedding fans have been waiting to see, This Is Us delivered a season 2 finale chock full of surprises.

Audiences were brought to tears as the drama leading up to the big Ka-Toby wedding included pre-day jitters and special family moments, including Kate imagining her father Jack as an older man for a 40th anniversary party with Rebecca.

But that wasn’t all! Kate was finally able to let go of her father’s tragic passing hours before the wedding as she had a heart-to-heart with Jack’s urn at their meaningful tree stump spot.

Old Jack and Rebecca Pearson

Here are some of the memorable takeaways from the sophomore finale to keep you waiting for the NBC show to return this fall:

Old Jack Pearson

Fans couldn’t get enough of the salt and peppered version of Jack.

Kate and Toby’s Special Day

The bride was obsessed with somehow honoring her late father physically at the ceremony, even using one of his screwdrivers as a part of her bouquet as her something old and borrowed.

Though Jack was not present, brothers Kevin and Randall filled in for the role of the important male figure as they walked their sister down the aisle.

An Emotional Mother-Daughter Talk for Rebecca and Kate

Though Rebecca and Kate’s relationship has had its ups and downs following Jack’s death, their dynamic had a big breakthrough when Kate was able to open up about how much her mother really means to her as well as how much she idolizes her not only as a singer but also a mother. And it was even emotional since the special moment was shared on Kate’s wedding day.

Kevin and Randall’s Wedding Speeches

Throughout all that has occurred this season between The Big 3, Kevin and Randall toasted to the sibling bond perfectly when the brothers each shared heartwarming messages of love to their only sister. They even served as wedding planners!

Those Flash Forward Moments

In the final minutes of the finale, Kevin was last seen on a flight to Vietnam with Beth’s younger cousin Zoey. In his hand was a picture of Jack in military uniform, the same photo fans saw when it was revealed he served in the Army with his brother Nicky.

Along with moments of seeing old Jack, fans once again saw old Randall and eldest daughter Tess, this time at two decades into the future at a hospital preparing to see “her.” Who could the female subject in their conversation be? Is it Beth? Or could it be Deja?

Or could these flash forward scenes just be Randall and Beth’s go-to game, “Worst Case Scenario”?

This Is Us returns this fall on NBC.