Kate Beckinsale loses dog temporarily and injures leg

Kate Beckinsale has appeared to injure her leg while searching for her dog on Independence Day in the US.

The British actress, best known for her role as the vampire Selene in the Underworld film series, told her followers that her Pomeranian Myf had disappeared in the Beverly Hills area, California.

While sharing a picture of the animal, the 50-year-old wrote on Instagram: “Myf has gone missing if anyone finds her in the Beverly Hills area please can you DM me thank you so much.”

An hour later she followed the post up, saying in a video that Myf had been returned, which showed a friend attending a bloody wound just below Beckinsale’s knee.

She said: “She’s back, ow, you really hurt my knee… Myf you f****** scared the shit out of us… F****** July 4, Joe… Jesus Christ. What do you have to say for yourself?”

In an Instagram story, Beckinsale suggested that the dog had been scared of the fireworks during the annual American holiday, the Fourth of July, and run away to hide.

“Myf you don’t like fireworks it turns out,” she said in the video.

Beckinsale, also known for the films Van Helsing, Pearl Harbor and Click, has been struggling with undisclosed health issues in recent months.

She hinted at her health woes when she uploaded photos of her wearing a “tummy troubles survivor” T-shirt in April, while in what looked like a hospital.