Kate Beckinsale Reveals Reason Behind Mystery Hospital Stay

Taylor Hill/WireImage via Getty Images
Taylor Hill/WireImage via Getty Images

Kate Beckinsale has shed more light on what led to a recent mystery hospitalization in a fiery Instagram post.

The English actress included a photo of herself in a hospital bed alongside a Mothers Day post in March, but at the time she made no direct mention of the circumstances, except praising “those that love us and support us when it’s shit and try to make sure there are some bits that aren’t . And for looking after our dogs when we can’t , and lead us to remember happy things when we can’t . And turn up when we are sick and sit with us . . And send balloons and check in and pull us out of wells with love.”

A month later, she posted video of herself wearing a T-shirt reading “tummy troubles survivor,” but again did not elaborate.

Then, on Monday, Beckinsale posted an Instagram video hitting back at followers who “can get themselves really upset that they don’t feel like I’m doing enough age appropriate things.” The Van Helsing star wore a pink, off-the-shoulder crop top and matching bikini in black platform boots, while tying a black hairnet into a bow onto her head.

“I thought I’d let them kick off their week with a little stab of joy of me putting on a hairnet,” she said in the video, along side the caption, “Let’s have a toast for the douche bags, Let’s have a toast for the assholes, Let’s have a toast for the scumbags 😘😘😘😘.”

While she received some positive feedback, including a heart emoji from Lauren Sanchez, one particular commenter clearly riled the 50-year-old with the taunt: “Go do some squats @katebeckinsale I think ur ass ran away.”

Beckinsale hit back with a surprising revelation, that the stress of recent events had led to “a hole in my oesophagus which made me vomit copious amounts of blood.”

She wrote, in full: “No, actually, I watched my stepfather die quite shockingly, my mother has stage 4 cancer, and I lost a lot of weight from stress and grief, quite quickly and then I was in hospital for six weeks because the grief had burned a hole in my oesophagus which made me vomit copious amounts of blood, and I found eating very hard and I just worked very very hard on a movie that was actually quite triggering because it also involved the theme of the death of my father so l’m not really concerned about what you think about my ass.”

The Underworld star announced her stepfather, director Roy Battersby, had died in a social post in January.

Beckinsale concluded: “Maybe you should worry about your own fucking ass. I suggest shoving something up it-like a large pineapple or a brick.”

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