Kate Ferdinand remembers Rebecca Ellison on Mother's Day

Kate Ferdinand paid a heartbreaking tribute to the late mother of her stepchildren, Rebecca Ellison, on Mother's Day.

The former 'The Only Way Is Essex' star - who is married to Rebecca's widow Rio Ferdinand - poignantly remembered mothers who were in heaven as she marked the British celebration on Sunday (22.03.20).

She wrote on Instagram: "Happy Mother's Day everyone. A special day to appreciate everyone who gives us the love, care and attention we need. Here's to the mums, and the ladies in our lives who aren't mums but treat us as if they are. To the ladies that are here and those that are watching over us from heaven. Love has no limits, love is not bound by blood. Love is love, and it is so powerful. I hope all of u feel special and appreciated today. And for those without Mums here I hope you can find the strength to celebrate the good times. I am thinking of you all today. (sic)"

Meanwhile, Kate previously revealed her and Rio have a remembrance room in their house dedicated to his late wife.

She said: "I'm in a house that isn't mine, and it's got Rio and Rebecca's wedding photos, it's like an out-of-body experience. I'm just walking around the house thinking, 'What am I doing here?.'"

Whilst Rio added: "I knew she was at odds with it a little bit in her own mind. And it's just about time. I used to say, 'The kids aren't ready yet, they've had enough going on. If I take them down, what if it breaks one of them?' I can't risk that at the expense of her feelings."