Kate Hudson "Liked" This Serum So Much, She Finished the Entire Bottle

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It’s from a French brand I use, too.

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Two weeks ago, I was sick with the latest heinous illness that seems to be going around. NGL, it sucked to feel like a bedridden Victorian child, but it gave me the opportunity to catch up on every movie and TV show I’ve missed in the last year or so, including Glass Onion. I finished the movie with a renewed admiration for Kate Hudson, which prompted me to follow her on TikTok. In her most recent TikTok video, Hudson calls out a French skincare brand I’m quite fond of, too: Typology..

She shows an up-close shot of Typology’s Radiance Serum with 11 percent Vitamin C before tossing the empty bottle in the trash, captioning it. “[I] really liked this Vit C by Typology. My skin is sensitive and reacts poorly to heavy creams and intense serum formulations.” So when I watched this video, two questions arose:. First, where did she source that divine wallpaper? And second, how much was she paid to post this? I’m still seeking an answer to my first question, but as for the second, she finished off the caption by writing, “This is not an ad.”




Obviously, the star of the formula is vitamin C, specifically at 11 percent, which the brand deems a “high concentration,” but it’s complemented by Persian silk tree extract. Typology’s serum harnesses vitamin C’s laundry list of benefits, including reduced dark spots, age spots, and hyperpigmentation, increased radiance, firmness and elasticity, smaller-looking pores, and softer skin.

Persian silk tree has one important function that has a plethora of skin-enhancing side effects: It slows down and combats glycation. Glycation is when sugar molecules bind themselves to collagen and other important proteins, thereby deteriorating them and leading to more noticeable signs of aging, such as a loss of firmness and increased wrinkles.

Typology’s Radiance Serum has more than 1,600 five-star reviews. One shopper, who is a smoker with “dull” skin, wrote that “after a few weeks of use, my skin looks brighter, I have a healthy glow, and no more gray complexion.” Another person wrote, “[Typology’s Radiance Serum] has changed my complexion so much that I dare to go out without makeup.” A final shopper said this $40 serum made their skin “brighter and smoother.”

Head to Typology to shop the Radiance Serum with 11 percent Vitamin C that Kate Hudson and dozens of shoppers can’t help but finish. 

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