Kate Hudson on why it took longer to lose weight after her third child

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From Harper's BAZAAR

Kate Hudson has revealed how she has experienced difficulty losing weight after giving birth to her third child, Rani Rose.

In a new interview with Women's Health, Hudson explained that it took longer to lose weight after the birth of her daughter, compared to her two previous sons.

Taking 12 months, in contrast to the six months it took previously, Hudson said the difference was due to her lack of time.

"Unlike with the other two, I didn’t really have time to work out," she said. "It took a different kind of discipline."

With fewer hours to sweat, Hudson relied on stricter eating habits, a byproduct of her partnership with Weight Watchers.

The 40-year-old took to Instagram to credit WW for helping her achieve her weight loss goal "without stressing on food or working out like crazy".

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Hudson did however reveal exactly how she managed to squeeze the occasional workouts into her busy schedule.

The mum of three aims to exercise three-to-four times a week, alternating between home classes, spinning, pole dancing and Pilates - the latter being her go-to workout to build strength. "I know I'm at my strongest when I'm doing Pilates," she explained. "I love how flexible I get and what it does to the shape of my body."

Speaking of her weight loss, Hudson says: "I feel good, energetic and strong. I feel like myself again."

As a designer, actress, parent and an entrepreneur, Hudson spins multiple plates every day while being mindful to balance her life between work and home.

"If I come in nine-to-five, do all my work and shut off my phone, I can have a balanced life. I try not to let work spill into time with the kids, dinner and bedtime," she said.

She does however recognise that achieving the perfect balance between working and parenting is not always easy, confessing: "I make mistakes all the time; I’ve yelled at my kids too much, and I’ve also cursed in front of them, and I also haven’t shown up for things because I was out of town."

"But at the same time, I have days where I’m like, I’m a fucking super-mum; I’m cooking, cleaning, doing homework, changing diapers and I worked out. What I’ve learned – and what I’m learning – is that I’m doing the best I can."

While putting tons of effort into parenting her children as well as trying to look after business and body, Hudson insists it's just as important to dedicate some time for self-care. One of her favourite ways to balance out the mayhem of her busy schedule is to take some time off and get away.

Hudson told Women's Health: "I do check out. I go away with them [her kids], usually to our ranch in Colorado. I sit and look out at the mountains."

"I try to be open about where I’m at and go through it instead of avoiding it. Life is going to unfold the way it’s going to unfold," she said.

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