Kate Middleton Is Out Here Commenting on Random People’s Instagram Photos

Mehera Bonner
Photo credit: WPA Pool - Getty Images

From Delish

  • Kate Middleton is leaving comments on people’s Instagram photos, signing them with “C.”
  • Kate’s been commenting on pics from people taking part in the Hold Still project.

Kate Middleton is overseeing a photography project called Hold Still, where people across the United Kingdom are posting photos from their time in isolation. And Kate has taken to hitting up the comments of amateur photographers who are submitting their pics, signing her notes with a simple “C” for Catherine.

Let’s see, she posted about her love for gardening on this photo, writing, “Thank you so much for taking part in the Hold Still project. I get so much joy from being outside and gardening too. C.”

And she opened up about her kids on the comments of this one, writing, “My children will very much relate to this! Thank you for taking part and sharing your story! C.”

Meanwhile, she enthusiastically wrote, “I love this! What a budding photographer! Please don’t forget to submit your photo in the link bio if you haven’t done so already. C,” on this sweet pic:

Truly love that Kate assumed control of the Kensington Royal Instagram account and is hitting up random strangers to compliment their photography skills and talk about her kids. As a reminder, Kate will be choosing 100 short-listed portraits to feature in a digital exhibition for the National Portrait Gallery that’ll open in August and “capture the spirit, the mood, the hopes, the fears, and the feelings of the UK as we continue to deal with the coronavirus outbreak.”

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