Kate Upton: Breastfeeding sucked the energy out of me

Kate Upton says breastfeeding her daughter was "sucking the energy away" from her.

The 27-year-old supermodel gave birth to her daughter Genevieve in November 2018, and has said she struggled with breastfeeding her tot because she was trying to do too much at once, and had no energy left to "allow [her] body to recover" after giving birth.

Kate said: "Having VeVe has changed my life in such a wonderful way. [But there was] so much pressure to be doing all these things, like breastfeeding on the go.

"The reality, for me, was that breastfeeding was sucking the energy away from me. I realised I needed to calm down, to allow my body to recover."

Since giving birth to Genevieve, now 14 months, Kate - who has her daughter with her husband Justin Verlander - is keen to focus on living in the moment with her family, and is monitoring her technology habits so she can set a good example for her daughter.

The beauty explained: "I think my husband wants me to throw my phone away. We talk about it in the house all the time: 'Let's have a phone-free dinner.' We don't want [our daughter] thinking being on the phone is all that life is.

"I want to be enjoying my life, enjoying my family, not constantly trying to take the perfect picture."

Kate is also trying to be a positive influence when it comes to her career.

Speaking to Editorialist magazine, she said: "There's definitely movement toward being more inclusive, representing a more diverse model and not having a definition of what a model is anymore. But obviously, there's a lot more that needs to be done. I'm not doing this [job] just so I can play dress up.

"Every woman needs to be represented. Otherwise, it's a snooze fest."