Kate Upton wants to save the Earth for her daughter

Kate Upton wants to help "leave the Earth in good condition" for her daughter.

The Sports Illustrated swimsuit model welcomed her daughter Genevieve into the world in November 2018 with her husband Justin Verlander, and has said she has become invested in projects that help combat climate change since becoming a mother, as she wants to help improve the planet for "future generations".

She said: "Becoming a mother has changed me in every aspect of my life, so I definitely see it changing which projects I'm involved with in the future. Everything I do, I want to do for her. I want to do everything in my power to leave the Earth in as good as condition as possible for her, and for future generations."

Kate was recently announced as the face of Canada Goose's Spring 2020 campaign, which includes a collection with Polar Bears International (PBI), a charity which aims to address the issues that are endangering the polar bear population.

And to help with PBI's cause, Kate travelled to Churchill, Manitoba - also known as the polar bear capital of the world - to see the impact climate change is having on the animals.

In an interview with Vogue about the collaboration, she said: "We saw a polar bear within the first 10 minutes of landing. We were kept on the plane longer because there was a polar bear on the tarmac ... The fact that polar bears were in town and at the airport means that the sea ice hadn't formed yet, which they hunt on. They were waking up hungry, and wandering trying to find food.

"PBI has done such amazing work. What's happening to the polar bear isn't just staying in the Arctic. The melting sea ice is a sign that climate change is here, and that we need to take action."

For each 'PBI Blue' jacket sold through Canada Goose, $50 will go directly to the charity to provide funding for polar bear and environmental research and advocacy.