Katherine Ryan brands Kardashian family 'irresponsible' role models

The Kardashians have been branded "irresponsible" by stand-up comic Katherine Ryan for making young people think they can get their body shape by "starving themselves".
The 39-year-old television personality - who herself is fascinated by cosmetic surgery and wants to go under the knife again after having breast implants - says Kim Kardashian and her sisters, who include Khloe and Kourtney, are not being the best role models by making impressionable young women think they can have have the same figures as them by putting their health at risk with fad diets and spending hours at the gym.
Katherine says the family should be honest about the surgery they have had because the bodies they have "cannot be achieved biologically".
She told Heat magazine: "Look, I think they're great and it's everyone's private business what they do with their bodies, but I think there's also a level of irresponsibility when you know there are young people who believe they can achieve that look by either starving themselves or spending all day in the gym when they can't."
She added: "Those are supernatural bodies and they cannot be achieved biologically.
"I'm very interested in surgery - I think it's a miracle, but you can't just go and get it anywhere or you could die.
"Not all surgery is good or reversible."
Despite her criticism, Katherine confessed she would love to know how they get their chiselled jaw lines.
She said: "Well, I want to find out what the Kardashians are doing and why won't tell me.
"Their jawlines are super-snatched and their faces look like porcelain, and the best information I currently have - and this is alleged gossip - is that they're having deep plane facelifts, which pull back the ligaments.
"I'm nearly 40 and your jawline starts to go, but I wouldn't randomly go to Istanbul and get it done.
"I would only have it done if I could find out for certain who the Kardashians are going to."