Katherine Ryan is pregnant

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Katherine Ryan is pregnant.
The 39-year-old comic explained she conceived her third child "the first time [she] tried" while still breastfeeding her and civil partner Bobby Kootstra's son Fred, 13 months, but it still came as a surprise.
She said: "You guys know I’m pregnant, I’ve been pregnant for a while and here’s how I did that. I got pregnant while breastfeeding the first time I tried and to be honest with you I don’t think it’s going to work because I’m 39 – I would have been 38 when I got pregnant.
"And I thought ‘We’ve got to get the kids out of the way’. You never know how long you’re gonna have and I love my kids.
"I just thought, 'Well let’s go for it.' "
Katherine explained on her 'Telling Everybody Everything' podcast she knew she wasn't ovulating when she was breastfeeding as she wasn't experiencing "notable dryness".
She continued: "So one day I’m walking around and I feel, you know, damp. And I felt a little more attractive than usual."
But she "had a sense" she was ovulating though "didn't try to get pregnant".
She added: "I thought, 'Well, let's wait and see, let's track all the things.' "
The 'Duchess' star - who also has daughter Violet, 13, from a previous relationship - "forgot about trying" while touring but began to suffer from a similar "sharp pain" that lasted a few minutes and was similar to what she experienced while expecting Fred.
She continued: "I thought maybe I'm getting my period. And I didn't expect to get a period this month as I could because these things have to even themselves out after your first period when you're breastfeeding.
"Soon after, days later I had a positive pregnancy test."
But Katherine won't be revealing when her baby is due.
She said: "You should never tell people your due date. If you never tell them, they can never start hassling you around that time."

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