Kathy Hilton has 'repeatedly apologised' to sister Kyle Richards after igniting a feud

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Kathy Hilton has "repeatedly apologised' to her sister Kyle Richards after igniting a feud.
The 63-year-old reality star admitted that she said some regrettable things off-camera about her younger sister to their 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' co-star Lisa Rinna and has now insisted she is in a "better place" with Kyle.
Speaking on E! News Daily Pop, Kathy said: "I said some things about Kyle that I should not have said. It was how I was feeling. I never said anything about Lisa. I said them to Lisa and it was off camera. I think she just was unhappy that I said anything. And that’s her business. I have to take responsibility. I was frustrated. I should not have said anything. And I did apologize and apologize. Thankfully, I'm now in a better place with Kyle."
The drama surrounding the hurtful comments made by Kathy - who is is mother to Paris, Nicki, Barron and Conrad with her husband Richard Hilton- will air as part of the 12th season of the hit Bravo reality show.
In the trailer, Kyle appeared upset as co-star Lisa Rinna told Kathy: "You said something about this beautiful sister of yours. I'm sorry, Kathy. You're not going to get away with it."
Through tears, Kyle said: "I feel like you hate me or something. How could you say those things?"
News of Kathy's alleged apologies come just days after Kyle admitted it was "difficult" to work alongside her family on the show.
She said: "It's very difficult. When my sister Kim was on, it was great, and then it was awful. It was one of the worst times on the show for me ever. With Kathy, I was like, 'It's gonna be great, we're gonna have fun.' And we really did last season. And of course, something happened
this season but we are sisters. We're blood. So, we'll always come back together again at the end of the day."

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