Katie Price was suicidal after hitting rock bottom

Katie Price was suicidal after hitting rock bottom due to bankruptcy and her mental health struggles.
The 44-year-old reality TV star admitted she attempted to take her own life after her issues became overwhelming but says she has now turned a corner and is doing much better.
Speaking on 'Mark Dolan Tonight' on GB News, she said: "What I want from the future is to definitely make a comeback and prove to people I can, because I've been there, and I've told my story.
"Literally, I hit rock bottom. It was that bad that I tried to commit suicide, but I've come up from that. You can get out of that rut. If I can do it, you can do it.
"Remember, nothing is that bad. It's just when you're in that bad place your mind ruminates and you think you can't get out of that rut, but you can do it. If I can do it, you can do it.
"But do you know what the best thing I do now is? I have therapy every week. I wish I'd had it years ago.
"I know what my triggers are now, like on Instagram and stuff you'll notice I don't really attack anyone or do anything anymore because where's it going to get me? It doesn't get you anywhere.
"So, now, even if I receive a text from someone and I want to go on and have a go, I'll think about it, and then I just don't bother. And it has helped a lot, yeah.'
"I've had a lot of trauma. Ex-husbands have been traumatic, I broke my feet, my mum is ill, there's just quite a lot of things.
"I've had kidnap threats, ransom demands, it has just all happened. My therapist actually said to me he's never met someone who's had so much actual real trauma-events happen in their life as me.
'Sometimes one person might have one bit of trauma and they're affected, I've had loads."
Katie - who has five children from previous relationships - also revealed she wants a sixth child and teased a new show on Channel 4.
She said: "I would love more kids, actually, you need to look out for Channel 4 because there's a surprise coming this year."
And, Katie insisted that she is no longer bothered by her bankruptcy, calling it a "positive" experience.
She said: "I never discuss money, but to anyone who's out there in a bankruptcy - it's not the end of the world, you know.
"Lots of people go into bankruptcies and I think it's quite positive that I'm in a bankruptcy, actually. It's made me reevaluate things and put things straight so I'm happy and everything in my life is in place.
"Never be embarrassed about being in a bankruptcy at all. But all I know is just don't have fights with people because the lawyers are the ones who get the money."