Katie Price wants 'no dramas' in 2022

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Katie Price has vowed to make 2022 a year of "no dramas".
The 43-year-old star - who has Harvey, 19, Junior, 16, Princess, 14, Jett, eight, and seven-year-old Bunny from previous relationships - is looking forward to the coming months with her fiance Carl Woods and has promised to lead a quiet life following a turbulent 2021 which saw her go back to rehab after being arrested for drink driving while already banned from being behind the wheel.
She said: "2022 is my year, 22 is my lucky number. My birthday. The main box on Deal or No Deal. This has to be my year of no dramas.
"Babies, marriage, this year I want it all. I've definitely found the one in Carl and we will get married.
"It will be in England, because of the family, my mum is terminally ill and can't travel. So I'd never get married unless my mum was there."
Last month, the former glamour model was banned from driving for another two years and given a 16-week suspended jail sentence for crashing her car into a hedge while disqualified and she admitted she's still "ashamed" of her actions, but has pledged to see a therapist "forever" in order to deal with her issues.
Quizzed about the crash on 'Good Morning Britain', she said: "The events were really traumatic.
"It's been traumatic after, so I'm not ready to talk about it yet. But what I will say is that I went to the Priory and I've made the decision finally to see a therapist every week, forever, to deal with the traumatic events that led me to getting into that car.
"I'm very good at hiding things but when I'm ready to talk about it then I will come on to talk. There's reasons why I got in that car and my mental state but when I'm ready I will.
"I feel ashamed about it all. The reasons I am still dealing with now. It's a new year but I'm still dealing with it, people shouldn't judge people, there's always reasons for things."

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