Katy Perry's epically awkward on-stage moment

Aletha Wilkinson

Katy Perry was left hanging during the Nashville leg of her tour last week – literally.

The pop star was suspended in mid-air on a stage prop, which was supposed to sweep her out and over the audience, but instead broke down.

The technical difficulty, captured on video by no doubt hundreds of audience members, lasted for several painfully awkward minutes as Katy sat on a miniature stage designed to look like a planet.

"I'm gonna be stuck here forever," she joked. "What should I do? Should I tell some jokes? Should I tell some stories? Should i just sing another song?"

Katy found herself trapped high up when her stage prop broke down. Source: Twitter

Eventually, technicians managed to get the planet down to just above the crowd, and Katy was able to lunge to safety.

Katy had no choice but to hang out above the crowd. Source: Twitter

It's not the only awkward public technical failure to make the news lately – the Saudi king found himself trapped on an escalator recently.

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