Katy Perry 'learning to be a mum fast' in lockdown

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Katy Perry is "learning to be a mum fast" in lockdown.
The 35-year-old actress - who is currently pregnant with her and fiance Orlando Bloom's first child - is currently quarantining with her nieces and Orlando's son Flynn, nine, from his first marriage to Miranda Kerr and she said being around all the kids is preparing her for motherhood.
Speaking about spending the Covid-19 lockdown with several young children, Katy told chat show host Graham Norton: "I'm learning to be a mum fast. Kids gravitate towards me through my music, so I am used to them, but I am not used to being woken up really early in the morning by them staring at me from the side of my bed!"
Katy announced her pregnancy in the music video for her new song 'Daisies', by revealing her baby bump but joked that her stomach was actually bloated from eating fast food.
She said: "That was quite early on, so think half of it (the bump) was Taco Bell! I thought, 'What better way to reveal big news in my life to my fans who have grown up with me, than via music.'"
And Katy said her single is a message to others to follow their dreams.
The 'American Idol' judge said: "It is a simple message of staying true to your dreams no matter what anyone says. In the pandemic, it took on a whole new meaning for me. I think I've taken some things for granted and when I get out of this hell, I am going to live my best life and do all those things I've perhaps put on the shelf because I thought they were accessible at any time."
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