Katy Perry doesn't want full-time nanny

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Katy Perry refuses to employ a full-time nanny.
The 'Teenage Dream' singer insisted she wants to be as hands-on as possible with her and fiance Orlando Bloom's two-year-old daughter Daisy, even when she has a full working schedule.
Speaking on the 'SmartLess' podcast, she said: "I am working a lot, and I've always worked a lot.
"I have a wonderful nanny, but I don't have a full-time nanny because I feel like if I had a full-time nanny, I would never be able to know how to care for my daughter like I'm meant to."
On her days off from her Las Vegas residency, the 37-year-old singer is in "mom mode", and even if she has the "no-sleep shakes" she's still up early to be with her little girl.
She said: "It doesn't matter if I've had a show that goes to 11 p.m. the night before, I'm waking up at 6 o'clock and we're gonna go and do breakfast."
Katy recalled a recent experienced that stressed why she "wants to participate" in parenting as much as she can.
She said: "She's two, so she's at the point where she's saying new words every day.
"And the other day she was saying some words that I didn't teach her, and I was like 'Damn it. That doesn't feel good.'"
And the 'American Idol' judge couldn't ask for better support than Orlando, who also has 11-year-old son Flynn with ex-wife Miranda Kerr.
She noted: "Dad is the best."
The 'Hot n Cold' hitmaker recently explained she can't wait to take her daughter on tour with her.
She said: "I love traveling and now I get to take my daughter and I want to have that experience once again through her eyes. I love being a mom. It’s the best decision I ever made for my life.
At the time, Katy added that being a parent had allowed her to have "grown up so much" and that she had been "reborn" as a result of motherhood.
She added: "I have grown up so much. [It's] just the opportunity to see the world again through just like the most beautiful eyes - and the joy." For a new breath of life to be breathed into everything. It’s like you get to be reborn as well."