Keke Jabbar’s friend shares ‘official’ details on reality star’s death, aged 42

A close friend of Keke Jabbar, the reality TV star who died this week aged 42, has shared details behind her cause of death.

Jabbar memorably featured on US series Love & Marriage: Huntsville, which aired on Oprah Winfrey’s TV network OWN and followed a group of couples who launch a real estate venture in Huntsville, Alabama.

Jabbar’s death was confirmed on social media by LaTisha Moore Scott, Jabbar’s cousin who also starred in the reality show. Scott asked for “respect” and “privacy” after sharing the news.

YouTube star JoAnn Jenkins has now stepped in to shut down any speculation into Jabbar’s cause of death, stating on a live stream: “Keke did not overdose, Keke did not take her own life. Keke loved life. Keke was not ready to leave life. She wasn’t ready to leave her children, her husband or her family.”

Jenkins claimed that Jabbar would often get sleepy and “got to sleep wherever” and decided to sleep after experiencing a fault with her car.

Sharing what she called “the official statement”, Jenkins said: “So, seven-something this morning, her husband goes to the garage. He sees Keke, what he thinks is asleep in the car. He tries to get her attention. He opens [the car] up. She isn’t breathing.

“Her husband, her life partner, her best friend tried to bring his wife back, the mother of his children, and he couldn’t. Keke passed from carbon monoxide poisoning. That’s it. That is all.”

Jabbar’s death was initially announced by YouTuber Marcella Speaks, who read out a statement from Jabbar’s family in a video.

According to the statement, Jabbar died “peacefully at home” while she was “surrounded in love”.

“She was a mom, a sister, a great friend, full of life, love, and laughter. She will sorely be missed,” the statement continued.

Reality star Keke Jabbar has died aged 42 (OWN)
Reality star Keke Jabbar has died aged 42 (OWN)

Eight seasons of Love & Marriage have aired on US television, with Jabbar becoming one of the series’ breakout stars.

Following her death, fans shared tributes to the late TV star on social media.

“Stunned and saddened by the news! Rip Keke Jabbar!” wrote one person on X/Twitter. “Your passing is a tremendous loss. May your memory be a blessing and your soul find eternal peace.

“Wow… As a fan of Love and Marriage Huntsville I am soo sad to hear of the loss of Keke Jabbar. Praying for her family, especially her husband and kids. May God be with them during this time,” wrote another.

“I didn’t know her but I’m heartbroken that she passed away. My condolences to all who loved her,” one fan commented on Instagram.