Kel Mitchell went celibate for three years in his 20s

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Kel Mitchell went celibate for three years in his 20s after sleeping with a lot of women at the height of his fame.
The former 'All That' star - who rose to fame as a teenager on Nickelodeon in the 1990s - sought advice from his evangelist and realised he needed to be "free" from his past relationships and sexual partners which weren't "connected to God".
He told Page Six: “What I had to do was, I literally mentioned every woman that I had been having sex with… I forgave them and forgave myself.
“After I said all their names they were released, I released my name from them, I released my spirit from them.”
From there, the 43-year-old actor - who starred alongside 'Saturday Night Live' star Kenan Thompson in 'All That', 'Kenan & Kel' and 'Good Burger' - decided he was "going to be celibate" and "felt new".
He added: "I was in my 20s at the time and it was just a freeing experience. Like, I literally felt new.
"And then that’s when I decided I’m going to be celibate. It made me realize, like a lot of the relationships it was all just sex.”
Kel - who has four-year-old Wisdom and 14-month old Honor with wife Asia Lee, as well as Allure, 20, and Lyric, 21, with ex-wife Tyisha Hampton - also opened up on his mental health battles over the years.
He said: "Just because we’re celebrities, doesn’t mean that we don’t go through things. I’ve been broke. I’ve been on television and lost it all.
“Because you’re in the entertainment business, they see whatever the last thing you was on and then when you have something else come out, they merge those things together as if that 15, 30 year span never happened.”
He considered quitting acting when he was left without a car in between projects, and his "low times" inspired him to write a new book called 'Blessed Mode: 90 Days to Level Up Your Faith'.
He explained: "I had to literally crawl back to where I needed to be, but in those low times, I found a lot in myself … and that’s why I wrote this book because of those low times.”

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