Kelly Brook: Justin Bieber wanted to spot me at the gym

Justin Bieber once asked Kelly Brook if he could "spot" her in the gym.
The 39-year-old model has revealed she used to frequent the same gym as the 'Sorry' hitmaker - who is now married to Hailey Baldwin - and says there was one occasion when he was determined to look out for her whilst she was lifting weights.
Kelly said: "I used to go to a gym, and it was Justin Bieber's gym, he used to come in. It was only a little gym. He used to come in with his bodyguard and I never really saw him lifting that much, he used to always kind of be distracted by the girls in the gym. He came over once and asked me and my girlfriend if he could spot us."
The beauty then said the 25-year-old singer wanted to watch her "doing squats", but when she said she didn't need any help, he spent his time in the gym "on his phone" instead.
Speaking on Heart London Drivetime, she said: "That means that, well basically when we're lifting weights. We need a spot to make sure that we don't drop it and he's like there for us. He just wants to basically look at us doing squats basically. I said 'no Biebs we're fine thank you very much.' He just spent most of the time on his phone to be honest."
Kelly's story comes after Justin recently took to Twitter to challenge 56-year-old actor Tom Cruise to a fight, and asked UFC boss Dana White if she'd be willing to stage the bout.
The 'Love Yourself' singer - who didn't give a reason for his desire to grapple the action star - tweeted: "I wanna challenge Tom Cruise to fight in the octagon. Tom if you dont take this fight your scared and you will never live it down. Who is willing to put on the fight?
@danawhite ? (sic)"