Kelly Rowland still ‘livid’ over Sesame Street racism row

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Kelly Rowland is still livid over a Sesame Street racism row.
The singer, 41, hit out after a video posted to social media over the weekend went viral, showing a performer in a Rosita costume at Sesame Place, Philadelphia appearing to obviously ignore two young black girls as they reached out for high-fives and hugs moments after the entertainer engaged with other white visitors at the park.
Even though some viewers dismissed the interaction as a misunderstanding, other videos of similar incidents involving black children have surfaced online.
Kelly told Entertainment Tonight: “I’m still upset. I was livid. And I know, me personally, I would’ve burned the place down. I’ve said it before and I really mean it.”
Sesame Workshop said in the wake of the controversy: “We have been in contact with Sesame Place, our licensed park partner, and they have assured us that they will conduct bias training and a thorough review of the ways in which they engage with families and guests.”
Sesame Place also issued a formal apology and claimed to have invited the family involved back to the park – a gesture the mother of the girls in the clip denies was made.
Kelly, who shared the video on her Instagram stories, added: “Did you see that ridiculous apology that they had?
“When I saw this and it was an extension of what I grew up learning and loving about Sesame Street and Sesame Place, I don’t know what place this is that I saw.
“It made two beautiful little girls feel like they were just not there.
“I wasn’t trying to give it any more attention, "I really wasn't, but those little girls, they deserve an apology.”
Kelly, who has two young sons with husband Tim Weatherspoon, 48, said alongside her posting of the clip online: “OH HELL NAWWW!! TF! This just made me so mad!”

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