Kelsey Grammer reveals Frasier revival has a script

Kelsey Grammer has confirmed the 'Frasier' revival already has a script.

The 64-year-old actor - who starred as psychiatrist Frasier Crane in the hit comedy series - teased the sitcom could make a return to TV in 2018, but now the star has spilled that a script has actually been penned.

Speaking to 'Lorraine' from the Academy Awards red carpet at Los Angeles' Dolby Theatre on Sunday (09.02.20), Kelsey revealed: "Well, we've got a couple of TV things coming up. A possible 'Frasier' reboot. We're getting a script now and we've pitched the idea, we're putting it out there."

Frasier was first introduced as a character in the Boston-set 'Cheers' before relocating to his hometown of Seattle to start a new life as a radio presenter in 'Frasier', which ran for 11 seasons from 1993 to 2004.

The show's finale - which was watched by almost 34 million viewers when it aired in May 2004 - saw the lead character leave for Chicago with his girlfriend Charlotte (Laura Linney), rather than take up a job offer in San Francisco.

However, since planning the reboot, Kelsey has been worrying if the new series will live up to the expectations of fans.

Asked if he had any doubts about bringing back the series, he answered: "That was a big part of it. It's been a couple of years in the process, but I'm very, very pleased."

Meanwhile, the 'Like Father' star recently said the fresh series will have to "deal with" the death of John Mahoney, who played his on-screen father Martin.

Kelsey said: "The first principle is that it is a different story, basically. Same group of characters but in a different setting. Something has changed in their lives.

"Certainly, John Mahoney died over a year ago and we would probably deal with that a little bit, with dad being gone."