Kerry Katona 'too big' to breastfeed

Kerry Katona's "t*ts" were "far too big" for her to breastfeed.

The former Atomic Kitten singer - who has Molly, 18, Lilly-Sue, 16, Heidi, 12, Max, 11, and Dylan-Jorge, five, from previous relationships - opted to bottlefeed most of her brood because getting them to latch on was "terribly painful" and she joked her kids were worried they'd be "suffocated" by her massive mammaries.

She said: "My t*ts were far too big to breastfeed - the poor babies were terrified they'd be suffocated.

"Out of all my kids, the only one I breastfed was DJ. The others just wouldn't take to the nipple and it was terribly painful.

"I thought at the time, 'Why am I doing this? I've carried this baby for nine months. There's a bleedin' bottle, there's your father, off you go.' "

But the 39-year-old star never felt any "pressure" to persevere with breastfeeding because she has always felt it was important to do what she thought was best for her and her children, not what other people think they should do.

She added in her column for new! magazine: "I never felt under pressure from the 'breast is best' brigade - each to their own.

"New mums have so much pressure on them as it is, we have to do what's best for our children and ourselves.

"Just because society is telling us to do something a certain way, that doesn't make it right."

Meanwhile, Kerry is facing a new parenting battle as now she has moved house with boyfriend Ryan Mahoney, she's keen to get her youngest daughter - whose father, Kerry's estranged husband George Kay, died from an overdose last year - back sleeping in her own bed.

She said: "My DJ is almost six and she still sleeps with me and Ryan - but to be fair, since her dad died she doesn't like being on her own.

"DJ was convinced the house we've just moved out of was haunted and would always make an excuse to come to us in the middle of the night.

"I love cuddling my little one more than anything but it's not doing me or Ryan any favours not having the bed to ourselves.

"So now we're in the new place, DJ knows it all has to change.

"Her bedroom is much cosier and we're hoping the new environment will do her the world of good."