Kerry Katona feared Brian McFadden reunion would be 'awkward' after sex joke

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Kerry Katona feared it would be "awkward" reuniting with Brian McFadden at their daughter's 21st birthday party after she made a joke about their sex life on a podcast.
The former Atomic Kitten star - who was married to Westlife's Brian for four years from 2002 until 2006 - attended their daughter Molly's bash in Dublin, Ireland on Saturday (03.09.22) and she had to see with her ex there just days after she laughed about their marriage with YouTuber Shaun Attwood.
She wrote in her column for new! magazine: "I made a joke that my ex Brian McFadden proposed after three weeks because I’m so good in bed. For God’s sake, it was a joke, people! I use humour a lot and it’s just part of my personality – I like to take the p*** and I obviously wasn’t being serious.
"The timing of the headlines wasn’t great as I’m going over to Ireland for Molly’s birthday and will be celebrating with Brian… awkward!"
However it looks like the reunion went better than expected as Kerry and Brian were pictured dancing with Molly at the party. The trio were seen twirling around the dance floor together as LMFAO's 'Sexy and I Know It' played.
Kerry also posted some pictures from the bash on Instagram and wrote: "Noooooo!!! Nooooo way is my baby girl @123_mollymc 21 WHAAAT!!
"Oh my goodness.. baby girl I honestly cannot express in words how b****y proud I am of you, you are one hell of a girl or should I say woman!"
In her weekly column, Kerry also revealed Molly was hoping her mum would buy her a car for her birthday - with a Range Rover top of her list.
Kerry wrote: "She’s currently using (Kerry's fiance) Ryan’s old car, so she wants a new one for her birthday, but she won’t be getting it for a couple more months. We haven’t picked one yet. I think she wants a Range Rover, but it depends what we can afford."
Kerry and Brian are also parents to another daughter together - 19-year-old Lily-Sue - while the star has three more children from other relationships.