Kerry Katona returns to OnlyFans

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Kerry Katona has returned to OnlyFans.
The 41-year-old singer joined the site in May 2020, and she's now returned to the platform with a series of saucy snaps of her posing in her underwear.
The former Atomic Kitten star - who sells a monthly subscription on the site for £17.99 - wrote in the caption: "@onlyfans link in bio [heart emojis] (sic)"
Kerry previously underwent breast reduction surgery after complaining that her "boobs [were] bigger than [her] head".
The pop star also spoke with pride about her OnlyFans account, explaining that she's now able to make money while she's sleeping.
Kerry - who joined Atomic Kitten in 1998 - shared: "I want to make money, I’m a grafter. I’ve been working since I was 14.
"Now, with something like OnlyFans, I’m actually making money while I sleep."
Kerry explained that she's "putting the money in [her] own pocket" through the site, whereas other people were previously able to profit when she was "sunbathing naked on the beach and having [her] picture taken" by a stranger.
Kerry also hit back at her critics, suggesting she's the victim of double standards.
The singer likened her situation to that of a movie star who shoots sex scenes.
She explained: "Why is it OK for Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise to do a sex scene on screen, and that’s called ‘art’, but when I show myself in underwear it’s degrading.
"No, I’m not having any of it."
Kerry first announced her plans to join OnlyFans more than two years ago, saying she was "looking forward" to the experience.
She said on Instagram at the time: "Finally got around to signing up to @onlyfansofficial. Looking forward to getting started. (sic)"

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