Kevin Bacon wants his podcast to support non-profits

Kevin Bacon hopes his new podcast will help to bring people "one degree closer to non-profits making a positive impact in the world".
The 65-year-old actor recently launched his 'Six Degrees with Kevin Bacon' podcast, which features a variety of celebrity guests and seeks to raise the profile of various non-profit organisations.
The Hollywood star explained that the show will feature "a lot of people who are either working with those foundations or actually literally on the ground doing good work for the world that really don't get a voice".
Speaking to PEOPLE, Kevin added: "You hear celebrities speak and you see them all the time, but the people that do the actual groundwork get a chance to really share their experience.
"We thought, 'Why not combine those two things?'"
The podcast's name has been inspired by the 'Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon' game, and the actor recently described the game as "beautiful".
'Six Degrees' leans on the idea that everyone in Hollywood can be linked to the veteran movie star in just six steps, and Kevin feels proud about his part in its popularity.
He told PEOPLE: "I've said this before, and I really truly believe this: The thing about 'Six Degrees' is you got to take me out of it.
"If you take me out of it, the concept is actually beautiful, because it shows that we are all connected - and not only are we connected, but we hunger for connections.
"I think we would be better to each other and feel less of a sense of division if we just remembered that we all climbed out of the same swamp, essentially. So in that way, I think 'Six Degrees' is actually a really positive thing. We just have to make it about people, and not just about Kevin Bacon."