How Khloe Kardashian reportedly feels about trolls who say her face looks different

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From Cosmopolitan

While Khloe Kardashian has learned to expertly shut down internet trolls who criticise her on Instagram, a new report claims to know how the Keeping Up With The Kardashian star ~really~ feels about the hate.

And, spoiler alert! She doesn't care!

In case you missed it, Khloe has come under a fair amount of scrutiny on social media, with fans questioning why her face looks different in new photos. Most recently, the 35-year-old caught wind of this comment from one of her followers: "Why do you look so different in all your photos?"

To which Khloe sarcastically clapped back: "From my weekly face transplant clearly."

Other trolls left comments of a similar vein, with one writing, "Didn’t even know this was Khloe 😑," and another adding, "Who the heck is that?"

But according to a new report from UsWeekly, the KUWTK isn't losing any sleep over the hate, and couldn't care less. "Khloe doesn’t care about the backlash she's been getting from fans saying she doesn't look like herself in her recent photos," the source commented.

"She thinks she looks great. And actually [she] does not care what people think as long as she's happy."

Go, Khlo! Regardless of what you think of her, it must be frustrating to have people constantly commenting on your looks, and always accusing you of altering your face. So fair play to her for rising above it and not caring about the hate.

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