Kieran Culkin Says He 'Didn't Know' What “Home Alone” Was About While Filming

"Mac was on set a lot. I guess he’s the lead of this movie," 'The Succession' star recalled thinking at his Tribeca panel

<p>Jamie McCarthy/Getty; 20th Century Studios</p> Kieran Culkin(left); Kieran Culkin in <em>Home Alone</em>

Jamie McCarthy/Getty; 20th Century Studios

Kieran Culkin(left); Kieran Culkin in Home Alone

Kieran Culkin's brother Macaulay Culkin may have played the iconic Kevin McCallister in 1990's Home Alone, but as Kieran, 41, now admits, he had no understanding of "what the f------ movie was about" while filming it at age 7.

Kieran participated in a Tribeca Film Festival panel with Jesse Eisenberg on Thursday, June 13 at New York's The Indeed Theater at Spring Studios, where he shared that he had no understanding of Home Alone's plot while filming it as a child actor in the early '90s.

The Succession star previously shared the same sentiment on a 2020 episode of The Late Late Show with James Corden, but now, he's revealing why he thought Home Alone was actually about a random cast member — and not his own brother.

"I saw it at the premiere and I was dying laughing. I was like, ‘Well, I guess that makes sense. Mac was on set a lot. I guess he’s the lead of this movie,' " Kieran joked, adding, "I had fun doing it, but I really didn’t know what it was about."

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<p>Dia Dipasupil/Getty</p> Kieran Culkin at the 2024 Tribeca Festival

Dia Dipasupil/Getty

Kieran Culkin at the 2024 Tribeca Festival

The actor then shared that as a child he initially thought the film revolved around a next-door neighbor of the McCallister family.

"Right before we lose track when they're counting the kids' heads and the two vans. The babysitters count the kids' heads and there's this next-door neighbor kid who has one scene. I thought the movie was about him," Kieran said. "And I'm pretty sure that's because Devin Ratray who played Buzz f----- with me and told me the movie was about him."

He added: "That kid worked one day and I thought the whole movie must be about him."

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Still, Kieran — who played Kevin's cousin Fuller McCallister — eventually got acquainted with the holiday classic, directed by Chris Columbus. "I have seen that movie so many times. I grew up watching it over and over again on Christmas so I got that whole thing memorized."

Back in March, the Emmy-winner caught up with Esquire about the aftermath of Home Alone and how uncomfortable fame was for his brother and the entire family.

"Even at that time, as a kid, I remember thinking, 'That sucks for him,' " Kieran said of Macaulay. "Poor f------ guy. He was little and having to try to accept that level of fame as reality."

Seeing his brother's success gave Kieran an "unhealthy relationship with what I did for a living," he admitted, noting that he just "didn't want to be successful at it" when he first started. Now with an Emmy under his belt, Kieran appears to have acclimated to success — and fully understands what Home Alone is about.

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