Kim Cattrall’s Radiant Skin in “And Just Like That…” Was Thanks to This Plumping Sheet Mask

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Get it on sale for $11 apiece.

<p>Joanna Vargas/ Getty Images</p>

Joanna Vargas/ Getty Images

The sole instance of Kim Cattrall’s skin looking less-than-perfect — in my memory, at least — was circa season five of Sex and the City when Samantha Jones sported a lobster-like complexion after a chemical peel went awry. Cattrall’s recent brief cameo in the SATC reboot And Just Like That… further proves that her skin is, in a word, radiant.

Off-screen skincare routine aside, Cattrall’s on-screen radiance was in part thanks to prep; specifically, a deeply hydrating, skin-plumping sheet mask from celebrity facialist Joanna Vargas’ eponymous brand. Makeup artist Kyra Panchenko and team applied Joanna Vargas’ Twilight Sheet Mask to Cattrall’s skin prior to filming the show, rendering her complexion the smooth, glowy perfection we all witnessed in her 75 seconds on screen.

The mask, which is sold in packs of five, is on sale for a limited time with each treatment ringing in at $11 when you use the code LABORDAY25 at checkout. Per shoppers, the mask delivers “remarkable” results, though a quick scan of the ingredients list, which includes epidermal growth factor (EGF), is incentive enough for me to buy.

<p>Joanna Vargas</p>

Joanna Vargas



The Joanna Vargas Twilight Face Mask is a serum-infused sheet mask treatment. Spiked with heavy-hitting ingredients proven to firm, plump, and deeply hydrate skin, the mask and its serum promote “optimal vibrance and skin resilience,” per the brand — which, as shoppers attest, comes to fruition in a single 20-minute use.

The soft fabric sheet mask is drenched in serum spiked with dermatologist go-tos like niacinamide — which, in addition to quelling hyperpigmentation, soothes sensitive skin and can even improve tone and texture over time, dermatologist Dr. Hadley King, MD, previously told InStyle. ”Glycerin and sodium hyaluronate are also present, providing much of the plumping prowess. Finally, the mask stars epidermal growth factor (EGF) — an ingredient composed of amino acids, that goes toe-to-toe with retinol insofar as being an anti-aging powerhouse.

One shopper says they “love to use [the] mask before a night out” in light of how it makes skin “super glowy.” Similarly, another fan says it’s perfect for use before taking photos, as it makes skin appear “healthy and vibrant.” Another reviewer says the mask “genuinely makes skin look better immediately,” citing a firmer, more hydrated appearance post-use.

For a skin–plumping sheet mask worthy of Samantha Jones herself, shop the Joanna Vargas Twilight Face Mask on sale for a limited time at 25 percent off its original price with the code LABORDAY25.

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