Kim Finally Explained The Over-The-Top Milk Situation At The Kardashian-West Household

Kristin Salaky
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Photo credit: Kim Kardashian West - Twitter
Photo credit: Kim Kardashian West - Twitter

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You may remember that about a month ago, we (all of us in humanity, yes) were buzzing about one Kim Kardashian West's fridge situation and why it was, how do I put this? So full of milk and nothing else. Well now Kimmie has further explained the fridge sitch at her home and it honestly makes total sense.

Kim appeared on an episode of the podcast All’s Fair with Laura Wasser where she explained how weird it is that everyone was obsessed with what was in her fridge. She said the fridge was so empty because she has eliminated all single-use plastics in her home.

“Those fridges, I gotta find a picture of what they used to look like," she said, according to People. "I had every kind of soda you could imagine, every kind of plastic water bottle you could imagine. We’ve cleaned out our whole house to get rid of all single-use plastic and most plastic everywhere, not just single-use."

She also addressed why there was so much milk in her fridge. In case you haven't noticed, she has four kids, which tends to mean a lot of milk, and in her case, types of milk.

“They were like, ‘How come you have so many different kinds of milk?’” she said: “So my son doesn’t have lactose. My daughter Chicago only drinks oat milk, North drinks regular milk, and Psalm isn’t into milk yet.” She added that she also keeps almond milk around for guests, which I do too! Stars, they're just

But of course, after the speculation, Kim took videos of her OTHER fridges to assure us that she is in fact very rich and is not depriving her children of anything.

“It was bizarre, like these headlines were baffled over Kim’s empty fridge,” she said. “So I took them into our real chef kitchen and showed them our real fridge and we have two fridges in there.”

Kim clarified that she actually has SIX fridges and that she would be going to take more videos of them to prove the haters wrong. Honestly, I will watch a million Kardashian fridge tours.

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