Kim and Kanye think Taylor Swift's diss track is 'pathetic'

Natasha Lee

It seems Taylor Swift's ultimate revenge track, Look What You Made Me Do, made little impact on the very people she aimed it at.

Namely, Kim Kardashain and Kanye West.

According to People Magazine an inside source has revealed the pair “don’t care about Taylor’s music”.

Bothered? Us? Source: Getty

“They find it pathetic that she still tries to keep an old feud going. They are not going to give her or her new music any attention. They have more important things to focus on, like their family.”

The group have a sketchy history at best. In 2009 Kanye interrupted Taylor’s acceptance speech at the VMA awards with his infamous, "Imma let you finish" diatribe in which he complained that Beyonce should have won the Best Video award.

The infamous moment between Kanye and Taylor. Source: Getty

The evntually made up and Taylor even introduced him at the 2015 ceremony. The feud didn’t end there, though.

In 2016 Kanye released his song Famous with the lyrics, ‘I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex /Why, I made that bitch famous’. Taylor took issue with song and publically denounced it.

That's when Kim showed her trump card, presenting receipts from Snapchat conversations between Kanye and Taylor in which they discussed the song and she approved the lyrics.

Kanye and Taylor in happier times. Source: Getty

With us so far? OK let’s keep going.

Taylor jumped to defend herself claiming she only approved the first half of the lyrics and not the part where Kanye refers to her as a bitch.

“You don’t get to control someone’s emotional response to being called ‘that bitch’ in front of the entire world,” she wrote in an Instagram post at the time.

The whole messy event even ended up becoming a storyline on Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

It seems that’s where Kim and Kanye want the feud to end. But not Taylor.

The moment the singer's highly anticipated music video dropped at the MTV VMAs fans were attempting to decipher any hidden messages aimed at the pop star's growing list of advesaries.

In this scene from 'Look What You Made Me Do' Taylor resides in a bath and is surrounded by diamonds. Fans have theorised the scene mirrors Kim's infamous Paris robbery. Source: YouTube
Meanwhile this scene is littered with snake images. Source: YouTube

In Kimye's case - the video was littered with snake motifs - in refernce to an emoji Kim began to use when referencing Taylor after that Snapchat debacle.

Time will only tell if Kimye will fire back.

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