Kim Kardashian West draws confidence from Kanye West's fashion choices

Kim Kardashian West draws confidence from Kanye West's fashion choices.

The 39-year-old reality TV star used to agonise about her red carpet appearances prior to marrying Kanye in 2014 - but the chart-topping rapper has subsequently developed an eye for making his wife stand out at big, glitzy award shows.

Speaking at an Oscars after-party in Los Angeles on Sunday night (09.02.20), Kim shared: "[He] got me a few really nice couture pieces so that I wouldn't stress out like that."

The brunette beauty donned a striking white gown for the annual Vanity Fair party, following the awards show at the Dolby Theatre, whilst her husband wore a leather suit with tan boots for the bash.

And Kim subsequently revealed that her striking outfit was, in fact, a Christmas gift from her husband.

Speaking to 'Entertainment Tonight', Kim explained: "This was actually one of my Christmas presents from Kanye for Christmas this year. Alexander McQueen 2003, it's his shipwreck dress."

Kim dazzled on the red carpet in Los Angeles days after revealing she wishes her SKIMS shapewear line featured "a pee hole".

The TV star confessed to having one particular regret about her shapewear line, admitting the design wasn't very convenient for consumers.

Kim - whose husband has also enjoyed success as a designer - reflected: "I wish we launched shapewear with a pee hole. For the people who don't want to take it off and on all the time."

Despite this lingering regret, Kim's shapewear venture has taught her some important business lessons.

She said: "I credit every business venture that I've been in until this point, to really understand what it takes, and how involved you really have to be if you want it to be the best."